Male Fertility Information

There is basic male fertility information any one should know when trying to get pregnant.

Sperm and Semen (Male Fertility Information)

Male fertility information about sperm and semen is a vital step to understanding your reproductive capabilities.


Your ejaculate which contains semen and sperm should be a white, off-white color. It may vary depending on what you eat or how much water you drink. If it is yellow, or another color, I would see a doctor. Check the color of your semen weekly.


Normal semen should be sticky when it comes out, but not clumpy. It should then liquefy in ten to thirty minutes. Results will vary based on water intake, lifestyle, and diet. Review the texture of your semen monthly.


The semen volume of your ejaculate should be two to six ml. This can vary though with diet, water, and days with holding. I measure my semen volume once a week. This allows me to know what changes I made effected its volume.

Number of Days Should Withhold Ejaculate (Male Fertility Information)

I recommend to withhold two to three days of ejaculate. Of course, a man can get someone pregnant, with one, two, or three days withholding. Even withholding a few hours can work. But from my experience two to three days is best, but I would aim for two day. This is because a lot of the sperm on the third day will be less quality. And also have less motility than withholding two days. You semen may turn clumpy withholding more than three days.This male fertility information should not be overlooked.

Kegels (Male Fertility Information)

Kegels are exercises that have many benefits. The best benefit is that they allow a man to ejaculate more. And also shoot their ejaculate farther. This can increase chances of impregnating someone. Kegels can be done anywhere. I sometimes do kegels, but it is best to do them on a regular basis. This allows one to get the full benefits from them. Put kegels on your male fertility information list.

Edging (Male Fertility Information)

Edging is a male fertility information that most are not aware of. Edging is the process of masturbating continually off and on for a certain time period without ejaculating. You keep getting close to ejaculation many times during this period. This allows a man to produce a larger ejaculate. It also increases sperm in the ejaculate. Therefore, is a vital piece of male fertility information. Edging increases a man’s chances of conceiving. This is because the semen volume is increased. And there will be more sperm in the ejaculate. This happens because masturbating for long periods speeds up your sperm production. When I have a planned donation, I edge forĀ  two hours before the donation. I start off masturbating for around fifteen minutes. Then get close to ejaculating, then stop and wait fifteen minutes. I repeat this process about four times. When I do this, my ejaculates are above my average volume. And have impregnated women doing this. Men should try this method if they are looking to impregnate someone. This is great male fertility information.

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