Supplements and Herbs for Male Fertility

There are supplements and herbs that improve male fertility. I personally used these supplements and herbs with great results.

Maca (Black) (Male Fertility)

Black Maca is excellent for improving sperm count and motility, due to its hormone balancing affects. There have been multiple studies to back this up.  It is also high in antioxidants and fertility promoting vitamins and minerals.  Men with low sperm counts must integrate Black Maca into their diet for male fertility.  I personally have had great experience with Black Maca. I take it almost every day and feel great, lots of energy and above average ejaculates. Once I started taking maca, within the first two months I had tree new pregnancies. I do not think that was a coincidence?  I recommend taking a teaspoon or more of Black Maca everyday, two hours after your first meal. And cycle it off ever month or so for a week. For instance, take maca everyday for a month straight, then stop taking it for a week, then repeat, so the affects do not wear off. If needed you can take two weeks off. There is raw and gelatinized maca. I recommend  gelatinized maca since it will not give you an upset stomach because it is heated to a point that breaks down most of the starch. I only buy my Black Maca from one source. And I think it is the only seller of Black Maca (In America), or at least reputable dealer.  You can buy Gelatinized Maca at…


Arginine (Male Fertility)

Arginine is great for improving male fertility. It has been proven to increase sperm count, motility, quality, and ejaculate volume. Furthermore, it helps with men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, by increasing blood flow to your “lower regions.”  When I started taking Arginine along with maca, the first few weeks I noticed a significant increase in my semen volume. This allowed me to successfully impregnate three recipients in less than two months.  This supplement is a MUST for male fertility. I take two to five grams of Arginine a day. This is the amount I recommend others to take, depending on how much someone already gets in their diet. I also recommend taking it in the morning or early afternoon. You can get Arginine at…


Zinc is vital in supporting male fertility. There have been studies done that prove Zinc’s impressive fertile increasing effects. Zinc is one of the building blocks of semen and sperm. Proper amounts of Zinc can increase sperm count, motility, and decrease the chances of abnormal sperm. It also protects sperm cells from free radicals. Although, I only recommend supplementing with twenty-five to fifty mg of Zinc a day. This is because too much Zinc can actually decrease sperm motility and increase abnormal sperm. I recommend all men that want to be more fertile to take Zinc supplements. I order my Zinc from…

Folic Acid

Taking Folic Acid is great for male fertility. Studies show that men who take high levels of Folic Acid supplements have decreased sperm abnormalities. This lowers your chances of conceiving a child with a birth defect. Furthermore, taking Zinc with Folic Acid has been shown to greatly improve sperm, compared to taking them separately. I recommend taking up to five mg of Folic acid a day.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for improving male fertility. Studies show that it increases sperm count, sometimes by 100%. Furthermore, it helps fight against abnormalities in sperm, due to its free radical fighting effects. Lastly, it helps to avoid sperm clumping up and sticking together. I take 1000mg of Vitamin C a day. I recommend taking 2000mg a day if you suffer from a low sperm count. You can purchase Vitamin C at…

Vitamin E (Male Fertility)

Taking Vitamin E improves sperm count, motility, and morphology. This has been backed up by multiple studies involving the vitamin. Furthermore, it protects sperm from damage thanks to being an antioxidant. Lastly, it has been shown to increase the sperm’s ability in penetrating and fertilizing the egg. I take 400 IU of Vitamin E a day. I recommend others to take the same to optimize male fertility. I recommend purchasing it at…

Vitamin B12 (Male Fertility)

Vitamin B12 shows  promising effects when taken for male fertility. A study done showed on average, men who had a sperm count of 20 mil/ml or less, took 1000mcg of vitamin B12 a day, and increased their sperm counts to 100mil/ml on average. These results are astounding. Sadly, many men lack the proper amount of Vitamin B12 that would optimize their sperm count. The men who would see the greatest benefits from Vitamin B12 are those with low sperm counts. I take 1000mcg a day of B12, but you can take as much as you like, since there are no known side effects. I get my B12 from…

Vitamin B6 (Male Fertility)

Not as good for male fertility as B12, taking B6 has been shown to improve sperm count and quality.  I use to take B6 but stopped, since I was getting enough in my multi vitamin and diet. I recommend taking ten to twenty-five mg a day. Also, if taken with Zinc, it will allow for better absorption of both supplements. You can get B6 at…

L-Carnitine (Male Fertility)

Carnitine has been proven to be good for improving a man’s sperm count. But the studies have shown that its effects for increasing sperm motility are much more significant. It is probably the best supplement you can take if you need to improve the motility of your sperm. Men usually do not get enough Carnitine in their diet to make a drastic increase to their sperm. Usually men get under 200mgs a day of Carnitine. To see a noticeable positive effect from Carnitine, a man needs to take at least two grams a day of it. I take two to three grams a day of Carnitine, and I usually take it with Vitamin E. When these two supplements are taken together, there fertility boosting abilities are amplified. You can take either Carnitine Tartrate or Acetyl. I recommend Tartrate because it is the more commonly used Carnitine. Both Carnitines can also be taken together if wanted for male fertility.  You can obtain Carnitine at… 

Lecithin (Male Fertility)

Lecithin is used for increasing ejaculate volume.  It does have some sperm enhancing effects, but this supplement is mainly for men looking for more volume. You must have at least 2400mg of Lecithin a day to see a noticeable difference in your semen volume. Also you must remember to only take Sunflower Lecithin because Soy Lecithin has an estrogen producing effect.


Tongkat Ali Extract (Male Fertility)

Tongkat Ali Extract is a herb for people who are serious about improving male fertility. This herb has been proven to increase all sperm parameters: sperm count, motility, morphology, and semen volume.  I use to take it, but stopped because it kept me up sometimes, but did notice a difference in my sperm quality, when I did take it. I recommend taking 500(1:200) to 1000mg(1:200) a day taken as early as possible. Cycle sixty percent on and forty percent off. You can get it at…

Garlic (Male Fertility)

Garlic contains a compound called allicin. This increases blood flow to the genitals. Which in turn increases sperm count and semen volume. I chop one to two cloves up and add it to my food. Chopping it allows for your body to benefit the most from allicin and improve male fertility.

Cycling (Male Fertility)

Cycling is when you take supplements for a certain amount of days or weeks, then stop taking for a few days or weeks. Cycling is not well known in male fertility. The reason you cycle is so your body does not adjust to the effects of the supplement. For instance, if you first start taking Arginine, you will notice a pretty significant increase in your semen volume the first few weeks. Then after a few weeks it will go down since your body will adjust to the effects. To mitigate this effect, I recommended (not required) taking supplements and herbs in cycles. It can vary on how you cycle the supplements. But too simplify it, I recommend taking supplements and herbs for a month or two everyday, then stop taking for a week or two, then repeat.  Everyone’s body is different, so results will vary between individuals. You may have to adjust your cycling schedule based on what results you see from cycling. Your male fertility will benefit from it.

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