Male Fertility Diet

Having a proper male fertility diet, consisting of foods that optimize male fertility is essential to increase fertility.


Organic (Male Fertility Diet)

Buy organic food for a male fertility diet.  There was a study recently conducted in 2015. This study tested men who ate high pesticide laced foods and who ate low pesticide foods.  The group who ate low pesticides food almost had on average double the sperm count of the other group.  Pesticides and PCBs are generally contained in non-organic fruits, vegetables, fish, and meats. It is critical they be avoided in order to optimize male fertility.


Too much salt can be detrimental to a male fertility diet. Too much salt can reduce a man’s sperm count and semen volume.  I have tested this theory by consuming a high amount of salt. This made my semen volume decrease by 25%. Too little salt can also have an adverse affect. This because sodium is necessary to help the body function. A male may find it takes longer to get an erection and ejaculate with lack of sodium. I have also tested this. And although my semen volume was on average more than consuming a high amount of sodium. The time it took to get an erection and ejaculate took longer. I recommend keeping your sodium intake around 800 to 1200mgs a day. This allows your body to get a proper amount of sodium. I recommend Pink Himalayan Salt. This salt is the highest in minerals and the best salt for you. I recommend buying it from…


Vegetables are essential to a male fertility diet. They contain high levels of Folic Acid, Vitamin C, and other nutrients which boost fertility. There vegetables I had great experience with for increasing my semen level and sperm count.  If you are a man who produces a minimal semen volume, I recommend eating more celery. Celery increases semen volume due to its high water content. I have to consume four sticks of raw celery a day to see a noticeable change in my semen volume. Also, bell peppers increase semen volume and sperm count. This is due to high levels of Vitamin C. I rarely eat them, but when I do, I see great results. Also, I had great results with lettuce. When I eat a full head of raw lettuce, the next day my semen is larger, thicker, and whiter. Although, results may vary person to person. Most males should see noticeably positive results. The vegetable I had best results with is broccoli. I eat broccoli on a regular basis. Not only does it go great with a meal, but it contains high levels of Vitamin C and Folic Acid. I eat one head of broccoli a day, and generally keeps my semen very white, and above average in volume.

All vegetables will have a positive impact on sperm, such as spinach and cucumbers. The ones I recommend have personally benefited me.  Remember to always choose organic since some vegetables contain high levels of pesticides that are harmful to a male fertility diet.


Fruits are great for a male fertility diet. Fruits I recommend are bananas and berries.  Bananas are perfect for a man trying to increase fertility because they are rich in bromelein and B vitamins. These are great for regulating a man’s hormones.  Berries are also great because they are high in essential antioxidants. Although, just about any fruit will help, berries and bananas have proven to be the best for my fertility.

Also, if you have the money, you may want to try Goji Berries. Goji Berries are high in antioxidants and known for there male fertility affects. I recommend buying at…

Grains (Male Fertility Diet)

Grains are high in nutrients, such as Zinc, vitamin E, and B vitamins, which help promote male fertility.  I recommend eating grains everyday.  The main grain I eat is brown rice, but you can also have wheat pasta.  I eat about four to six ounces daily of dry brown rice.  The highest quality and cheapest brown rice that I use and recommend to others can be purchased at Lundberg Organic Short Grain Brown Rice, 32-Ounce (Pack of 6) or at…

Nuts and seeds (Male Fertility Diet)

Nuts are great because they are high in various vitamins and minerals, such as Zinc, protein, Vitamin E, and Omega-3s. Some good nuts for a male fertility diet are listed below.



Peanuts are great for increasing semen volume and sperm count. The reason for this is because they are very high in Arginine and Zinc.


Cashews are also great for a male fertility diet. They are high in Zinc and contain other fertility enhancing properties.  I use to eat these a day or two before a sperm donation, and the day of donations I would produce an above average ejaculate.  I recommend buying cashews at Organic Dry Roasted Cashews (1 pound). I buy most of my nuts from this company on Amazon. They only offer quality organic nuts, and at the cheapest price I could find.


Almonds are the best nut for reproductive health, next to walnuts.  Almonds are high in vitamin E. This is an antioxidant essential to protect sperm cells from free radicals.  Almonds are also high in protein, needed for a boost in your male fertility diet. I recommend buying them at…


Walnuts are the best nut for a male fertility diet. The reason for this is because they are very high in Omega-3s, which are vital for sperm health. I eat these less often than other nuts because they are more expensive. But I would recommend Walnuts to others who have fertility issues.



Pumpkin seeds are probably the best seed to take to increase sperm count and motility. They have also been known for boosting prostate health of a male. I eat half a cup of pumpkin seeds twice a week. You can get them at…


Sunflowers seeds are useful for a male fertility diet. This is because they contain high levels of Vitamin E and also Lecithin. Lecithin increases the volume of a male’s ejaculate. You can get them at…


Good meats

Meats are great for a male fertility diet. I recommend chicken, turkey, eggs, and beef once in a blue moon. Chicken and turkey supply good amounts of Arginine, while eggs supply Lecithin, which increases the semen volume of a man’s ejaculate.  Beef is good because it is high in Zinc. But I would limit it to no more than once a week.

Processed Meats

Processed meats such as hot dogs, pork, and bacon should be avoided. Processed meats are not only bad for your health, but they also hurt your swimmers. They are filled with chemicals and additives, such as soy, which make your body produce excess estrogen. This in turn can harm sperm production. I gave up processed meats a long time ago.


Fish are a great food for a male fertility diet. They are high in omega-3s and in protein. I recommend only buying wild caught because farm raised fish are high in PCBS. The two fish I would recommend are tuna and salmon. Tuna is generally low in mercury and very high in Selenium. Salmon is excellent for male fertility because it is high in Omega-3s.

Chocolate (Male Fertility Diet)

One may think chocolate is not good for sperm, since it contains high levels of sugar. But it is actually excellent for a male fertility diet. This is due to its high Arginine and antioxidant content. I recommend chocolate, but on a very limited basis, such as once or twice a week to improve infertility. Buy chocolate with little or no sugar. I recommend Cacao Powder or Cacao Nibs, since you are able to get the benefits of chocolate without the added sugar. And being able to satisfying some of your chocolate cravings while you are at it. I recommend buying at…

Water (Male Fertility Diet)

Your body needs water to function, especially when it comes to producing semen and sperm. If your body does not get an adequate amount of water each day, the amount of sperm and semen you produce will be limited. This is because your semen and sperm are comprised mainly of liquid.  I recommend all males to drink at least one gallon of water a day or more, depending on your height and weight. Remember though to only drink filtered water, and stay away from soda and high sugary drinks.

Processed foods

Processed foods such as chips and microwavable food contain high levels of sodium, sugar, fat, additives, and chemicals that impair fertility. They do this by either producing excess estrogen in your body or accumulating chemicals in your body. These can reduce semen volume and damage sperm cells.  Kick processed foods out of your male fertility diet.

Cycling (Male Fertility Diet)

Cycling is the process of taking days off eating certain foods for a certain time frame, then have days on where you eat the food. For example, you eat broccoli three days in a row for dinner. After those three days are up, you eat lettuce for three days in a row, and then repeat cycle.  The reasoning for this is because our bodies are designed to adjust to the affects of certain foods. By taking days off, our bodies will not adjust to the affects of the food. The affects in this case would be the fertility boosting affects. By not cycling, you may notice a decrease in semen volume or sperm count over time by eating the same food everyday. Add cycling to your male fertility diet list.

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  2. thanks a is very informative not only for fertility health but also for general health. eating healthy can make you feel healthy.too bad now a days lots of food available are toxic to our body.we really have to watch what we eat.

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